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Si-Mompox is a new version developed from the experiences from SIMBAIN. It follows the same procedure to download. It is free to download and use: everything you need is on this page (although you will also need a WEAP licence). Use the game to educate people, engage stakeholders, and create dialogue. It comes ready to play in English, Spanish and Portuguese, but you can easily translate it to your own language. You can also adjust the narrative, or even adapt it to use your own WEAP models.

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1. Download

Click here to download the Si-Mompox software package, containing:

  • Si-Mompox game (runs in Microsoft Excel) (ES)
  • Si-Mompox WEAP model
  • Player and Moderator handouts and Installation instructions (ES)

You will also need to download and install WEAP modelling software. WEAP licences are free to non-profit, governmental or academic organizations based in developing countries.

Please type your name and email address to be able to download the file (your email will be only used for our internal control)

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2. Install

It's easy to get started. All the files you need are in the game package download.

  1. Open WEAP and Si-Mompox.xlsm (enabling macros)
  2. Use the WEAP Manage Areas tool inside WEAP to restore the SimBasin model ( to your WEAP areas and open it.
  3. Return to Si-Mompox.xlsm and click "New Game" to check your installation. If SimBasin is correctly installed, after entering the name of your basin the model will run and you will see results in the game interface.

3. Play

Once you have the software tool up and running, you can begin playing.

  1. Introduce the game to the players and give them the handouts for the first round, which give context and explain the options open to them.
  2. Let them discuss the options, and enter their decisions into the software tool using the dialog.
  3. Click "Continue". The players' decisions will be simulated, and you'll see results appear.
  4. Discuss the impacts with the players. Did everything go as expected? If not, why?
  5. Hand out the material for the next round and continue.

How-to-play video:


All of these files are included in the game package, but can be downloaded separately here.

  • SimBasin game (runs in Microsoft Excel) (EN/ES/PO)
  • SimBasin WEAP model
  • Player handouts (EN/
  • Installation instructions
  • User manual and documentation (EN)