Work with your team to plan the development of a fictional catchment over 30 years, balancing environmental conservation with the demands for agriculture, hydropower and flood protection. Commission studies and forecasts to inform your decisions, then act. The impacts of your decisions will be simulated by hydrological modelling software and you will be shown how (un)successful your strategy has been. Build reservoirs, protect conservation areas, build flood defence infrastructure, change agricultural techniques… the future of the basin is in your hands!

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1. Make a decision

You will manage the basin from 2015-2045, taking decisions every five years. At the beginning of each five-year period, you will be presented with three decisions which will shape the development of the basin.

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2. Simulate the impacts

Your decisions will be simulated and you can see the impacts on various sectors before taking the next round of decisions. Each sector is represented by one indicator. You will see the values of these indicators change as your basin develops. For each indicator there is a threshold of what is acceptable. If you cross this threshold, you will accumulate penalty points. The aim of the game is to finish with as few penalty points as possible.

3. Manage the risks

Some things will change which are outside of your control, such as demands, climate, and loss of natural areas to agriculture, which will happen automatically unless you take steps to protect natural areas. You should try to make robust decisions which perform well under various future scenarios, rather than “optimal” decisions which maximise performance under one scenario.