SimBasin is a basin management simulation game designed to bring stakeholders and scientists closer together. It's based on WEAP water resources modelling software from SEI, and provides an engaging workshop format.

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Real science...

SimBasin is powered by WEAP modelling software from SEI, and uses ELOHA techniques from TNC to calculate environmental impacts. The SimBasin basin is based on real data from the Magdalena-Cauca basin.

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... with a friendly interface...

Maps and graphs make it easy for players to connect with the model results.

...for connecting people.

Different users can discuss the issues, based on a robust shared vision of the basin.

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Success case: Magdalena basin forum

14th October 2015, Bogotá


Over 60 high level representatives of public and private key stakeholders of the Magdalena-Cauca basin attended the Magdalena Basin Forum, where SimBasin was at the heart of a discussion on the basin's future. The event was organised in cooperation with Semana magazine in order to facilitate discussion about the basin and generate interest in SIMA, the Magdalena decision support system, due to be launched by TNC in 2016.

Players included representatives from ministries, national planning units, private companies, environmental organisations, research institutes and the national media.

After an introduction, the players were split into four multi-sectoral groups, each with the task to find the most robust way of managing the SimBasin basin over the next thirty years, leading to interesting discussions.

The event was a success, and now there is a huge interest, from both public and private institutions, in the Magdalena Basin Decision Support System.

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Run your own SimBasin workshop

Simple and effective

  • Run the game immediately or adapt it to your own basin
  • Comes with English and Spanish languages; others can be easily added
  • Connect your own WEAP models to the interface


  • Computer with Microsoft Windows and Excel
  • WEAP installed (licence free to some users)


  1. If you have not already done so, download and install WEAP.
  2. Download SimBasin.
  3. Add the model included to your WEAP Areas and the game can be run immediately.
  4. Further instructions are in the manual included to install the game.